Sunday 30 April 2017

Part 30 (Part A and B)

(I actually thought this year I would make it dead on 30 poems as i am sure you would but the finale poem below became apparent it would be two short poems rather than one.

Thanks for reading and see you next year for Ghost Story V. The link shall be here and somepoint on Monday 1st May - an complete audio transcript shall appear on



‘He’s here, isn’t they?’ Brooks said.

The Man in Black nodded
Coughing over and over

‘Then it’s time isn’t it?’

Brooks spat out his cheeseburger
And cocked his pistol smiling responded
‘Let’s join the party then, shall we?’


And on the other side
Of the venue,
The Supernatural Unit
Waited and watched

Waited and watched. 

Saturday 29 April 2017

Part 29

(Yes. An old friend returns)


And from out of nowhere
In the mist 
Stood there hundreds of them.

Hundreds and hundreds.

All armed to the teeth.

All dead. 

Some recently dead 
With skin as pale as teeth.

Others with faces little more
Than skeletons barely standing. 

‘Who are they?’ Joe said. 

‘War’ Mandrake laughed 
Coughing blood
‘A big fucking war’

All lead by Andy. 

Yep me. 

Friday 28 April 2017

Part 28

(Yep. My birthday and I'm still going strong)


After the death of the soldiers
The howling increased
Across the moonlight
Shattering the windows
Of the deserted bars,
And the burnt out buses
Before burying itself in the tunnel
At the edge of the sealed out area,

Distorting the mist
Into a broken red
Leaving Mandrake,
Stood there alone
As the vampires
Slowly started to hover around them

‘We’re doomed’ Joe whispered

‘Nope’ Mandrake smiled
And stuck his fingers in his mouth
And whistled. 

Thursday 27 April 2017

Part 27

( A short piece but a important one today)


‘You knew they had no chance’
Michelle spat on the floor

‘And who would have listened to me?’
Mandrake stared at her
‘Just because you’re dead doesn’t
Give you executive powers’

‘It does now’
She looked at the Vampires
Stepping out of the building.

Towards them. 

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Part 26

(Part 26 is back to the gore at the beginning of the story.)


Ripped into pieces
Of course the government soldiers
Didn’t stand a chance
When the doors opened again.

Didn’t stand a chance
No matter what kind of bullets
They used.

Whether heavy duty
Or something they stole
From that spaceship crash
Ten years ago.

Whether silver which they had used
For slaying that werewolf
In the Picc Vic Project
(Hushed up of course).

They sprayed their bullets
Like confetti
Into the swarm of the undead
Which followed Mandrake
And the rest out
And then instead of running
Carried on shooting

And shooting

Until it was too late

And twenty more souls
Entered the afterlife. 

Part 25

(Cherry again today)


Diving past the pair of them
Cherry leap towards the door
Like a propeller taking down
The door screaming
They’re chasing us,
They’re chasing us
Don’t shoot,
Don’t shoot’
And much to all of their surprises
They didn’t shoot them
Signalling for the them
To get behind them
Clearly not recognising Mandrake.

Not that it mattered.

Monday 24 April 2017

Part 24

(They open fire)


Pinned down by the bullets
Which burst through the doors
As soon as Michelle left
Mandrake started loading
His fist like pistol again

Counting seconds
Until they paused
Thinking they must be dead
Before making his next move

‘Aren’t those guys on our side?’
Joe asked shocked

‘The only person on my side
Is me’

Mandrake snarled.